14 May 2013

Craftwork Cards: New Tea Dance Collection....

Hi everyone just popping in today to share with you all something that I've made using the fabulous new Tea Dance Collection my full post is over on the Craftwork Cards Blog found here.

So this is what I made this weekend....

Still with me?!!! LOL I know lots of pics but I don't know about you, but I love lots of photos - I love to see those close up details and there was so much going on with this that I wanted you to see!!!

Obviously you can see its three squares which spell out Home Sweet Home.  I've deliberately not tied them together - initially so that I could take individual photos, but then I decided to leave them separate so that they could either be stuck to three pieces of board or canvas and could be placed either horizontally or vertically whichever takes your fancy!

So I hope that you have enjoyed my little share today.

Until next time...

Happy Crafting

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