5 November 2013

Talented Cardmaking Friends

Hi everyone hope you are all keeping well.  I'm just popping in today with a share of some gorgeous cards I received last week on my birthday from my cardmaking friends.  I think you will agree that they are all totally gorgeous and how lucky am I to have received them.

This card was made by Beryl.  Beryl doesn't have a blog - which is a real shame as she makes the most wonderful cards....  Perhaps I will continue to nag her!!!

The next card is by Shirley - who does have a blog you can visit her here if you want to see more of her lovely creations!

 And finally my friend Karen.  I got Karen hooked on card making last year - she hasn't looked back and makes the most gorgeous cards!  She does have a blog but doesn't use it too much (mind you I can talk I've not been regularly updating mine of late have I - LOL)  If you want to see Karen's blog you can find that here.

All three cards are real stunners I think you will agree.  

I love that on the majority of cards that I received both handmade and shop bought had something sparkly on them!  My friends do know me well!

So that's it for today.  Back again sometime soon.

Take care everyone.... and

Happy Crafting

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