5 April 2011

Less is More - Week 9 Colour challenge - A Touch of Red

Good morning

Well I was awake early this morning and thought I would waste no time in getting my card posted up to enter this week's  Less is More colour challenge - a touch of red.  As always Chrissie and Mandi have provided some wonderful inspiration and there are so very many gorgeous entries already....  Here is mine

Card blank: Craftwork Cards
Stamps: Swirls v.2 Autumn Leaves by Rhonna Farrer
Stamps: Perfume bottle and lipstick by Kanban
Ink: Versafine Onxy Black
Crystals and ribbon from stash
Oval cut on my Cricut

I just love, love, love the vintage look of the perfume bottle and the lipstick, and it was seeing the lipstick that inspired me to use it because I knew I could colour it red!  I then just highlighted the ribbons on the bottles in red to match the red ribbon on the card - and I just had to add those lovely red crystals for a bit of sparkle!

TBH I wasn't sure if the placement of the bottles and lipstick on the oval were right?  Should I have shaded under them to "place" them on the oval or do you think when you first saw them that they are floating?  I decided to leave them as they were(!) but happy to hear what you think!!

Happy Crafting



Mandi said...

Hi Tina
What a FAB image!
OK the way I see it is, I think the placement is fine, for me, the swirls detract from the image and it would be better with just the ribbon.or even straight onto the card with nothing else this image would work as its so yummy!
Easy to sit here and criticise, as i always say!!,
Thanks for your entry,
"Less is More"

Chrissie said...

Now Susan will proabaly say that she would like to 'ground' the bottles with a line of some description, but much is down to personal taste.
I tend to go along with Mandi in that having all four corners decorated does setract somewhat from the main image, but whatever... it's a lovely card!
Have a great week.
"Less is More"

KraftyKoolKat said...

Gorgeous Tina. I don't think the images is floating it looks fine to me. Chrissie might tell you off for the gems though. Lol!!!! I can't make a card without gems etc.


cbuswell said...

Gorgeous card, fab image, love the touch of red, perfect placement, nothing else needed! Beautiful card!

Julia Dunnit said...

I love it. I like the double layer; if it was me I would have stamped the lipstick lying down and the lid standing up...funny aren't we!

Suze Bain said...

Super card Tina, love all the stamps you've used. Leaving out the swirls would make it more CAS, but it's gorgeous as it is - very girly! x

Aileen said...

Lovely card Tina, I agree the swirls left out would be cleaner but then I like a bit of a swirl too! It looks great as is. x

Jo said...

This is a lovely card Tina - I like the swirls. Jo x

Lynne said...

Super card.
Lynne xxx

TAM said...

Fabulous card interesting to see the comments just highlights the old saying of "one man's meat is another man's poison" and how different we all are in our tastes

mudmaven said...

Totally gorgeous! I think the images are just fine as they are too. ~chris

Gina said...

I love those stamps, Knaban have some great ones out at the minute don't they.
I like the swirls at the corners, but for me, I would have like the oval embossed around the edge as I think it would have made the ovel stand out more.
Gina x

Susan said...

I have to laugh...Chrissie is so right! I would definitely have drawn a line slightly above the bottoms of the bottles and lipstick. Makes it look as though it's sitting on a table. That's just my style, not necessarily for everyone. It's a great card as is!!

Gibmiss said...

Hi Tina
Fab card love the Bottles sooo nice ....

Pooh Bear said...

what a fab creation, love it

Ali x

massofhair said...

Gorgeous girly card with fab images. I agree that the swirls could have been left off but i think that the overall shape of your card really suits them.
Stunning entry for this weeks challenge:-)

Shirley said...

I have read through all the comments above and I must say I would have done it slightly different to all of you ha ha.
I would have put a red or black larger oval behind the white oval just so a little edge could be seen. This would make the white oval stand out from the background.
Also, I would have cut approx. a third off a red oval (lengthwise) and stuck it on the bottom of the white oval. This would give it the appearance of sitting on a table of some sort and the colours would match in nicely. I love the swirls. I can't be doing with too much white space.
This is a perfect "Tina" card and this is your style. Being true to yourself makes us all individual crafters.


Hello From Texas said...

I love your touches of red and the wonderful shape of the card. Very unique.

I probably would have shaded under/slightly around the bottles to give them the sitting-on-a-dresser- appearance. But I also always say, better safe than sorry; you can always add, but can't take away if something doesn't look good. :)
PS - Photoshop is great for testing out things like that.


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