21 March 2013

Tilly in a frame....

Hi everyone

Hopefully Mr Blogger is playing and my post has indeed posted with my next little share this week....  As promised yesterday here are a couple of photos of another recent project I've made.... again using Craftwork Card products!  This photo frame actually started out in life as a card blank.  I don't know what gave me the inspiration to turn it into a frame but it came from somewhere and this is what I got!!!

 ...... and of course I had to feature Tilly in the frame didn't I!!

Some of you may or may not know that Tilly had a "poorly paw" a few weeks back and was in bandages yet again!!  She is all better now thankfully and the bandages are all gone, but just had to show you this photo I took of her - now doesn't that face look sorry for herself.......... bless

Thats all from me today, catch up with you all soon and....

Happy Crafting



Crafting Queen said...

Great frame. What a sad little face. :)

Andrea Moorhouse said...

Tilly is a little cutie! Fab post, love the frame. Andrea xxx

Zippy said...

Great frame. Love your dog, absolutely adorable and so glad her paw is better xxx

Karen Ives said...

Oh dear poor little pup!

Just started my own blog
Hope you get time to pop over for a visit.

Karen (formerly of Birds in the Barn)


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