23 September 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Hi everyone - yet again I've been missing-in-cardmaking action over here on my blog!  So sorry just been snowed with a few projects and card orders - but hey I'm happy with that!!!

Thought I would show you a couple of cards I made recently for my Dad's 70th Birthday - I made one for me and one for my sister. 

This is the one for me....

and this was for my sister

I don't know about you but I always struggle with men's cards - but actually I was chuffed with how these two turned out!!!!

To celebrate Dad's birthday we surprised him by being at the hotel he was staying at for the weekend on the Isle of Wight.  We all had a fantastic weekend and Dad loved the fact that we were there too - he had no idea!!!

On his actual birthday we booked a table at a lovely pub in Godshill the food and service were fab - including the fact that they put a candle in Dad's dessert and we all sang Happy Birthday to him - we hadn't asked them to do this but they just did - which we thought was a really nice touch!

Dad said he was a bit rusty playing pool, but he beat Terry and Darran when he played them!
We actually stayed in an apartment just a short distance from the hotel where Dad and Rita were - this was the view from the balcony - it was gorgeous!

 On a day trip out we visited the famous Needles

We also visited a classic car show...

This band were entertaining the crowds at the Classic Car show - they were brill!!

 The Girls!
Susie and Rita



Another surprise for my Dad was that I had completed a scrapbook for him that he was waiting for!  He loved looking through it and he had a tear in his eye!
Terry and Darran will be pleased that I've not got any photos of them - well that are in focus anyway - yep took a few pics over that weekend, but a lot are blurry - ahemmmmmm - was drinking and enjoying myself too much!!!!!!!

So that is my share for today, I hope to be posting again soon.  I've got photos of the scrapbook that I want to share with you all so watch this space!

Take care and until next time...

Happy Crafting


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shirley-bee said...

What a fabulous surprise for your dad! Looks like you all had a fab weekend. Love the cards (they are always hard to do for the menfolk).

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