29 May 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Tilly

Happy Birthday to my lovely Tilly who is 2 today! Sorry no photo with this post was hoping to get a nice one today, but not to be as yet....

She has had a nice day though - she had her first dog agility class today - it was pouring with rain (hence no photo from that!) but we both had great fun and at the end when we did a small round (through tunnels and over jumps) to a stop watch my competitive spirit come right out - and yes we did it in 11 seconds!!!!! My heart was pounding away after and I was totally out of breath I can tell you - but we were 1st - yipee!!! Hubby was watching from the sidelines and when we got back in the car he said did you win that round - I said YES! he said thought you had (he knows how competitive I can be - LOL).

So when we got home we were all soaked through, hungry and tired! So after a bite to eat and a special chew treat for Tilly - we have all had a little snooze on the sofa - bliss!!! Awake now and oh just looked at the clock and because its saturday, and its past 5pm its G&T time!! Can't wait to watch Britain's Got Talent later and maybe a movie and thats me sorted for today!

Hopefully will get camera out later/tomorrow and take some pics of Tilly to post tomorrow... until then enjoy your bank holiday weekend.


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