22 October 2010

Had a little visitor today...

I came upstairs this morning to find this little fella flying around my "craft room"  As I opened the blind and a window for him to fly out he flew to the shut window and knocked himself out - poor little thing.  It took about 10 mins for him to properly come round and another 5 minutes before he flew out the window - much to my relief - I had visions of taking him to the Vets!

The picture is not great but I didn't want to get too close and frighten him anymore that he already was.  I think he is a little blue tit - but I'm terrible at recognising birds - how people do it from a distance I just dont know - so I'm sure someone will put me right!!!!


Julye said...

You're right and what a fab suprise, we had one a couple of years ago that we saw get blown into our window by a gust of wind as we pulled into our drive. It was so stunned I picked it up and sat it in a plant pot outside my kitchen door, it took a good couple of hours before it fluffed itself up and took off as if nothing had happened but I couldn't belive how tiny it was and so beautiful too. I have to say I felt so blessed to have been lucky enough to get so close and admire natures beauty in such a very neat small package. We now have bluetits nesting in our front bay window and I often wonder if its the same family who nest here as they feel safe either way they give me hours of pleasure so I feel I'm the lucky one.

Lynda said...

Awwwww poor thing - glad he was ok though!

Love Lynda xxx

Anesha said...

Beautiful little bird. Glad he was ok. Have a great weekend.

KraftyKoolKat said...

Yes it is a blue tit hun. Glad he found his way out okay.


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