18 January 2012

My new addiction

Hello bloggy friends! 

Well as promised I'm going to let the cat out of the bag, let you into a little secret, divulge something private,  and let you all know my very new and very addictive addiction!!!

scroll down

keep going....

keep on...

nearly there...

almost done...

don't give up yet...

Hands up if you've heard of it before???  Oh yes a few of you, and if you haven't - WHERE have you been!!! 

Seriously though its VERY addictive - you may not think it could be at first glance, but you join up and start pinning and that is where the addiction starts - just have a look at what I've pinned so far, by clicking on the
button on my sidebar ------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>
 it will take you to my Boards.

Have a nosey around and then check out who I follow.... and who they in turn follow - You have been warned!!!!

Would love to know what you think of it and if you are a member perhaps become one of my followers on Pinterest and then I can follow you back simples!

Right must go over there now, I need my fix, I mean - to do some very important work LOL.
Happy pinning!


1 comment:

Flowergirl said...

Lol! I'm another addict! So much fab stuff to look at, so little time x
Wendy x

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