30 June 2010


Well bit of a mess this week! I'm in the middle of making some cards for Jacqui at Simple Create for Save the Children. My post above has all the details if you fancy making some cards for a good cause!

My little girly has taken up residence beside me today (perhaps under my desk is a little too hot in this heat as its also right next to the computer!)

Happy crafting.....



angeleef said...

* takes her magnifying glass* Mess? Where? I don't see it!! Simple and clean cards, but it looks good
** Evi **

Wipso said...

Love your TIDY crafting space and your little companion is so lovely.
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

Ooh fab cards and great gesture too, how great. What are the coloured lolly sticks for? You do work tidily Tina..my place must be a horror for you!

sparklygirl-Tina said...

My apologies for not "talking round" what is actually on my desk. Julia the lolly sticks are in fact three reels of ribbon from paperchase - but I can see why you think they are lolly sticks!


Jan said...

great cards and blog :)

Spyder said...

Sorry I'm sooo late getting round, I was so sure I'd been because I remembered your lovely cards and your cute dog and of course, your tidy desk!

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