13 July 2010

A day out at Silverstone

Well hubby and I were very lucky a the weekend as we were treated to a day out at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.  The added BIG bonus of the day was that we travelled on - ready for it - The Orient Express Northern Belle.  We had a brillant time.  We went with hubby's sister and her husband.  The day started very early as we left their house 7am to get to Euston by 8.15am to catch the Orient Express.  We had a lovely Bellini followed by a continental breakfast.  This was mine and hubby's first - and probably only - time on the Orient Express and boy it was a real, real treat, the seats are like big comfy armchairs and the whole ambience of the train is wonderful.  So we were whisked off to Milton Keynes and then it was a coach trip to Silverstone.  We had a seat in the Becketts stand - that had fantastic views of quite a bit of the track and more importantly in the heat of the day there was a lovely breeze once you were up in your seat (much to our relief!!)  The Red Arrows did a fantastic display just before the race which was just a-ma-zing.  Then the race began and we were all delighted that Jenson Button managed to get up to 4th place in the race and it was great that Lewis came 2nd (obviously it would have been nicer if either of them two had won......!)  Its a great atmosphere, and the noise as the cars speed past you is sooo loud - luckily we had ear plugs!  After the race it was back on the coach and a rather long journey back to Milton Keynes because of all the traffic - but The Orient Express Northern Belle was ready and waiting for us with a lovely cold glass of champers as we boarded (ooohhhh I could get used to this lifestyle....)  We then had a 3 course meal with more champers, wine and a glass of port with some cheese and biscuits too!  The train on the way home actually takes you up to Birmingham before it comes back down to Euston so that there is enough time to enjoy your meal.  We finally got back to their's at 10.30pm - absolutely exhausted, but looked back on this once-in-a-lifetime experience that we had had.

Here are a few photos of the day...

Champers at breakfast

The compulsory hats! (although I didn't have one!!)

The Red Arrows

View from seats to the left

View from seats to the right

Some cars on the track! (but they look like ants in this photo!)

Dinner is served (this is the starter) and it was scrummy!

We reach Birmingham......

Standing by the train

Hope you've enjoyed that little trip with me!!! and that you've not dropped off!!!


CinnamonSally said...

Hi Tina, lucky you going to the British Grand Prix and on the Orient Express. We are great motor racing fans, we even went to the Monaco Grand Prix for our Honeymoon 28 years ago!! Haven't been to a british race (or a foreign one)for ages as it is so expensive now. Looks like you had an amazing time.

Lynda said...

What an amazing trip - the orient Express sounds wonderful! Great pics!

Love Lynda xxx

Craft2gether said...

Wow Tina. How lucky are you. Looks like you all had a wonderful day. Great photo's. I can see a scrap book page emerging!!!
Lol Lynne. XXX

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Thanks for the comments ladies - we did indeed have a fantastic day. And Lynne you are right I will do a scrapbook page - I collected some momentos of the day (including a sugar sachet because it has the Orient Express on it!)

Shirley said...

Wow! Tina this looks so exciting and how lucky you are to have been on the Orient express. The food looks fab too. A lovely day to remember I am sure and photo's of the event to cherish.


massofhair said...

Just dropped by to comment on your LIM entry and saw this as one of your older posts. Seeing as i am a MASSIVE fan of F1 and Jenson Button i hope you don't mind me commenting...

What a fantastic time you had and the weather was fantastic. sounds like The Orient Express was a winner too. So glad you have some fantastic memories.

OH went in 2007 as he got a present from his parents for him to drive a Caterham 7 round the Silverstone track. He had a fantastic time as did i and we are trying to go back again next year. My highlight was being driven around the track in a Caterham at very fast speed, i was yeehawing and whooping as it was an amazing experience.

So glad to find a few lady crafters who are interested in F1 too. Malaysia should be a great race this weekend and am hoping JB gets a great result. Hope you both enjoy the race too:-)

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