7 July 2010

Tilly at Agility

I don't know if  I've mentioned before but I've been taking Tilly to dog agility classes!  We have lots of fun and Tilly seems to really enjoy it.  Trouble is she has a very unfit owner who struggles to keep up with her...........!!!!! LOL  So hopefully all the running around I'm doing will go someway to get me fit too!  Thought I would share this photo of Tilly.  I didn't actually take it as I was running around the course with her (and thankfully there is no sign of me!!!)  I think its a great shot.
I love the way it looks like she is smiling and her ears......... scrumptious!


Spyder said...

fabulous shot! And what a lovely dog, I dog sit sometimes!So I've always got a treat somewhere handy! thank you for the infro on the ribbons, sometimes you just can't think where to buy some or what would match up, and yours looked lovely!!

Anesha said...

Beautiful dog, great photo!! Looks like she is having lots of fun.

coldwaters2 said...

Oh wow Tina this is one fabulous shot of Tilly I agree with her ears flowing out behind her and that big doggy grin oooo I love it.
Lorraine x

Lynda said...

What a great photo - Tilly's beautiful!!

Love Lynda xxx

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi ladies thanks for your lovely comments about Tilly - I know I'm biased!!! Just to brrrraaaaggggg a bit more she got best dog at dog training last night too - what a clever girl she is!


Wipso said...

Fab photo of a happy dog :-)
A x

Vivien said...

She is obviously having such fun!!!
Viv xx

Angela said...

Hi Tina,
Was having a look through some of your older posts, and just had to say how much I love this photo of Tilly. Just goes to prove that dogs really do laugh!

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